5-Mile Saturdays

I have run 5 miles every Saturday this month, and the one thing the runs have had in common is that I always want to quit by mile 4. You would think mentally I’d be like, “Only 1 more mile, I got this!”

Instead, thanks to this oppressive southern heat, I’m thinking, “One more mile? OMG.”

But somehow I have pressed on through, maybe because 5 just seems like such a better number than 4.

Today I was at my parents’ house because my brother got married tonight! So I ran out of their subdivision towards my old elementary school and kindergarten. That was 2 miles round trip, so I ended up doing that twice.


At mile 4, I decided to stop and walk to my parents’ house and get water. I don’t know what the temperature was, but it was extremely “warm” to say the least! I really didn’t want to stop and take that break, but you really have to be safe in this weather. Two weeks ago I ran 5 straight and felt sick to my stomach afterward. Last week at 4 miles I was feeling dizzy and light-headed. Gotta take those breaks.After my water break, I set back out to do the last mile, and my overall pace was10:15. So much slower than what I was averaging on 5-milers three months ago!


I had my mom take this picture with my phone after I got back – my shirt was completely soaked from sweat. Lovely.

After my run, I could focus on the festivities of the day! My brother had a beautiful wedding in New Orleans’ Audubon Park, and a small reception afterwards at a friend’s house. It was sweet.




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