My 5-miler on Saturday was at at 10:15 pace. Three months ago I was running 5+ miles at an 8:45 pace. Most of it is the heat, but some of it is my reduced mileage over the past two months. I’m concerned that when it finally cools off, I will have to work very hard to get up to that speed again, because of how slow I’ve been this summer. People tell me that I will actually be faster than before in the fall, because my lungs will have worked so hard in the humidity of summer.We’ll see about that! I really wish I had been more persistent this summer thus far in running – my mileage in May and June has been pitiful!

Yesterday’s run: 2 miles in about 19 minutes. My Garmin was dying when I turned it on to leave – and I really can’t stand to not know my distance at this point. So I did the route to my old elementary school and back, knowing that was about 2 miles. It is sad how dependent I am on that watch now! Halfway through my run I remembered that my phone has an app that will track my runs too – I used to use that, in fact, before I got the Garmin. I need to remember this next time when my Garmin is dead and it makes me want to not run or keep the run short!

This week: planned 3-miler this afternoon with my husband, probably an evening spin class and weights tomorrow, more running on Wednesday and Thursday, a Friday morning spin class, and running on Saturday. Sunday will be a rest day. Monday, the 4th of July, we will be doing this race:

Firecracker5K in Shreveport. I know this will NOT be a PR (current PR is 26:33). I really don’t like 5Ks very much. They hurt. First 60 females to finish get a mug – I don’t know what the racing community is like in the Shreveport area, or how many people do this race, but I don’t think my time will be good enough for top 60. We’ll see.

When I won 2nd place female overall at the Hell’s Hills 10K earlier this month, one of my prizes was a $50 gift card to this cool place called Thriv. Their apparel is made of bamboo and organic cotton, and has UPF protection. I picked three tops, two with the fall/winter marathon training in mind:

I’ve decided never again to buy running shorts or tights online (unless there’s a really good deal) because the sizes of different brands seem to vary, but tops are OK – I usually get XS or small.

We don’t have a washer and dryer, so we have to wait until we go to my parents’ house to wash clothes, or save up quarters to do it at our apartment complex. Thus, the more running clothes I have, the better! They run out quick.


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