Gatorade Smoothie

The other day after getting snowballs post-running, I told my husband that the snowball people would be brilliant to make a snowball that includes Gatorade in it. They park their snowball truck at the lake so that they can attract the runners and bikers who frequent the area, and I know I *need* some electrolytes after sweating that much. I’d definitely buy a Gatorade snowball after a hard run!

Well, after a 3.1-mile run on Tuesday, I was drenched, and remembering the whole Gatorade-snowball idea, I decided to see if I could make a smoothie using some of Raspberry Melon (low-calorie) Gatorade when I got home.


I threw in some frozen berries, chopped frozen bananas, and ice, along with a cup of the Gatorade.

It turned out pretty good!


It wasn’t as sweet as I wanted, so I added a packet of Splenda, and after that I drank it up extremely quickly.


(Gotta love our Saints Super Bowl cups my mom gave us as part of our Christmas gifts.)

Tuesday nights are Ultimate Frisbee nights for my husband, who plays in a summer league. They have teams and play each week, and at the end of the summer have a tournament. It’s all very dorky

So Tuesdays = “try not hard at all when making dinner”night. Thus, Tuesday night was frozen pizza night —



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