A person I never thought I’d be.

I am someone who gets up at 5:15 a.m. and drives to the gym in order to take a 45-minute spinning class that starts before the clock strikes 6. I NEVER, ever thought I’d be that person. And yet I find that the majority of my trips to the gym take place in the morning, early enough for me to work out, shower, dress, and get to work by 8.

Before I became a runner, I slept until 8:25 every day, getting to work for 9. I’m still not a morning person, but I am much closer than I used to be. And it takes a lot of work – I have a checklist the night before a 5:45 a.m. spin class, and if I don’t do everything on that list, the chances of me making it to class are endangered.

1) I pick out what I’m going to wear to work the next day and hang it up.


This is something I do almost every night anyway, but it is especially important that I don’t have to think very hard about it after getting home from a gym class.

2) I make my lunch/snacks for the next day and pack them up in the fridge. I am person who needs many snacks to get me through the day. I bring them all to work in a little bag, so I just get this ready at night so that I can grab it on my way out.

3) I set out all the stuff I need to bring with me to the gym, next to my shoes and socks.


4) I sleep in what I’m wearing to the class. Workout clothes tend to be comfortable, so it works!

5) In bed by 9. I don’t necessarily fall asleep right away, but it gets me sleepy quickly.

Even when I do everything right the night before, it doesn’t guarantee I’ll make it to the class the next morning. I just have to set my mind on going, maybe even promise myself a reward (like a Caramel Light Frap from Starbucks), and just *make* myself go. But not too long ago, the very thought of even doing this at all would have made me laugh (in horror).


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