Rest Day.

Today is the first day I haven’t done some form of exercise since last Friday, the 24th, and I feel gross. I know I need the rest day and it’s for the best with the 5K tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! It doesn’t help that I didn’t eat very well today. It’s very hard to make smart choices when we’re out of town!

For the Firecracker 5K, the top 101 men and top 60 women get mugs. I looked up last year’s top 60 female results, and the 60th woman’s time was in the 25-minute range. The year before that, the 60th woman’s time was in the 24-minute range. So while I am going to go all out in the race tomorrow, I don’t expect to finish top 60. My PR is 26:33 and that was in February. It’s much hotter, and I’ve been running slower and less than I was in February. I just don’t think it will happen – but I need a goal, so my goal is to finish at least around 27 minutes.

We went by Dick’s Sporting Goods tonight to get some Gu for me to take before the race tomorrow, and I managed to coax Husband into letting me get a new pair of Nike Tempo shorts. I just wanted to get a black on black pair, because in my mind, I want shorts that will match all of my tops no matter what color. But he made a face at those, so I held up a pair of black tempo shorts with purple accents, and he gave me a thumbs up. I think it’s so funny that he cared – as I pointed out to him, all of his running shorts are just one boring color! And he said, “Yeah, but I’m a guy.” Sigh. Even in running us girls have to try harder with their appearance! 😉

One thought on “Rest Day.

  1. Gracie (complicated day) July 4, 2011 / 9:49 pm

    Good luck on the 5k! I passed on the marathon since I got sick Friday, but honestly I don’t have lots of info on it. It’s very relaxed and informal and I’ve never heard of it before. If it repeats next year I’ll run it though.

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