This was a very fun weekend! On Friday night, we went out to eat at this pizza place called Red Zeppelin, and then went to the movies to see Horrible Bosses. The food was good and the movie was funny.

On Saturday morning, I went for a run. I had glanced at the weather forecast before leaving, and was psyched to see that it was supposed to stay under 90 degrees for the next couple of hours. But after 3.2 miles, I was completely drenched in sweat and ready to go home.

I looked at the weather on my phone, because I didn’t understand how sub-90 could feel this bad! This is what I saw:


How in the world can the temperature be 87, but it feels like 98?? I’m not sure, but Louisiana can make it happen.

The heat has been pretty demoralizing this summer for me. Even when I go out to run at 8 a.m., which to me is quite early, it’s this hot. I really can’t wait for summer to end.

After my run, I made my husband get up and get dressed because we had decided that today we were going to ADOPT A KITTEN!!

We’ve been wanting a cat for a long time but didn’t feel like we could afford one with him just going to school and us relying on my paycheck. But he’s been working at his clerkship full time for about a month now, and we felt comfortable finally taking that step. We headed to PetSmart and looked at all of the kitties up for adoption.

I really love animals and it breaks my heart to think of all the animals that need homes. I wish we could have taken them ALL home! We were first looking at a very small completely white kitten, but one of the reps for the Humane Society was telling us he had been really sick when they first got him and needed a lot of attention and to not be left alone too much. Since we both work full time, it didn’t seem like we were the best fit for him, though I know someone else will adopt him soon – he was so pretty. BUT, in the same cage as the white kitten was a cream and white cat who was described as being a bit more independent and just as loving and playful.

We decided pretty quickly that he was the one!


He is 11 weeks old, and we have pretty much settled on naming him “Brees” after Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He is very playful and affectionate. The first night, he kept going back and forth between us in the bed, laying next to our heads and just purring constantly. He always wants to be around us.

After an afternoon of playing with the kitten, we reluctantly left him at home while we went to see a local production of the musical, Hairspray. This was such a good show, but I couldn’t help worrying about how the kitten was doing! We got home and of course, he was fine.

The addition of a pet means some financial sacrifice! It’s a small step towards being a little less selfish. I signed up for, which syncs to your bank account and then shows you by category what you have spent. I really want us to be smarter with our money and save up for any potential emergencies, including if Brees were to need some special vet care. I just got a notice from my health insurance telling me what they will not cover from a recent doctor’s appointment, and it is a nice big chunk of change that I hadn’t planned on needing for that purpose.

I think for this reason (and others, including the heat, the lack of PRs, hating 5Ks, etc.), I’m going to forego any other races for the rest of the summer. It can get expensive entering these races, and I want to spend the rest of the summer saving that money for some other things, including saving it for some fall races that I think I will enjoy more when it’s cooler and I actually have a chance to PR.


2 thoughts on “Brees

  1. shayne July 11, 2011 / 7:50 pm

    Congrats on the new addition to your home! Brees is adorable, and will surely be worth all the sacrifice. Daniel got me to start using Mint late last year, and it made a huge difference in my spending. Manage what you measure sort of thing. Just using it, you’ll probably find you have leftover cash here and there, just in case there’s a race you’re just dying to run.
    Stay strong in that crazy southern heat!

  2. Tara @ July 12, 2011 / 11:29 am

    Awww… Brees is sooo cute! I miss the kitten stage. My cat Sam has coloring similar to him.

    Good luck with the heat… it’s unbearable here in Houston too!

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