Good thing he’s cute.

There's something on my neck.

This cat has managed to scratch me in the corners of BOTH eyes in the past 24 hours. He’s just trying to play, but man that hurts! He also popped a key off the keyboard of my new laptop (it popped right back on, but I freaked out), and he woke us up every 2 hours last night, jumping on us, knocking stuff over, and purring loudly. Growing pains 🙂 We are so not ready for a baby!

The frozen drink experimentation did not happen yesterday because it was storming when I got off work, so I didn’t go running. I did end up going to run 1.35 miles around the park later that evening while my husband ran into the library (which sits in the park). It was so much nicer running once the sun was going down, but I wouldn’t make a habit out of doing that alone. Perhaps when husband will come with me, we can go at night. I also did 20 minutes of kickboxing workouts from a DVD. The instructor is Australian. It makes it a bit more fun, being yelled at by that accent.

I was going to go to 5:45 a.m. spin this morning, but that was a fail. Did I say I wasn’t doing any more summer races?

I’ve been wanting to do these 2-mile races with the local running club, but it was raining the first two dates, so we didn’t go out. They still held the races and we both would have placed in our age groups most likely if we had gone! I am a member, so I would get into this race tonight for free. Hunter would just have to pay $10 if he wants to do it. We’ll see!

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