I am alive…

I worked more than 65 hours this week, and I really think it’s funny that back on Monday I had goals of getting up early before work Wednesday-Friday and working out in the morning hours. Yeah, right! I was so tired each night after getting home between 10-11, and still wanted to spend some time with my husband and kitty before going to bed (and leaving at 8 a.m.), so I didn’t get near enough sleep to make waking up early a possibility. Sleep, who needs it? Some can say that – not me. I need my sleep!

So today is Sunday and I haven’t run (or anything) since Monday. I did work really hard, and so I don’t feel guilty about not working out. I just miss it. I had planned to go running today, my first work-free day, but it stormed this morning, and I apparently still didn’t get enough sleep throughout the week because I slept in late and then took a 2-hour nap later in the day. I am beat. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to feeling normal.

While working so many hours this week, I was on the go basically the whole time, so I really tried hard to have  healthy snacks and meals at my side at all times.

Lunch packed day 1 - baby carrots, apple, 365 cereal bar, string cheese, grapes, pb and j sandwiches, banana
What I Packed Day 2: Went a little crazy on the cereal bars

Having all this with me, since I was traveling from place to place and not centered in one location, helped me to keep fueled, keep my energy up, and mostly avoid eating bad things like fast food. I was NOT perfect – after three meals in a row of pb&j sandwiches, I got tired of them and was really craving something fat, so I got Chik-Fil-A for dinner and ate the waffle fries in about 1 minute. That was my one bad lapse – the other times I ate out, it was chicken sandwiches from Subway.

I only got Starbucks twice during this span, which I am proud of. Once was for breakfast:

Caramel Frap Light and the Perfect Oatmeal

So over the period of this extra-long work week, the food breakdown goes something like this:

Starbuck visits: 2

Sugar-free Red Bulls drunk: 2

Number of grapes eaten:Probably like 100

Number of mushy bananas eaten: 1 – I was really hungry

Number of peanut butter and jelly sandiwches eaten: 3

Number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches thrown away: 2 – I just couldn’t take it anymore

Number of meals eaten out: 3

Number of cereal bars eaten: I lost track, but probably something like 7

One thought on “I am alive…

  1. Army Amy July 25, 2011 / 2:56 pm

    I hear you on getting sleep. I just can’t function without it!*

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