I curse the IT Band!!

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I’ve tried to ignore it over the past month because it was only slight and temporary, and I thought I was getting enough rest that no further action was needed. But I officially can’t ignore my tight and aching IT band any longer. It started out as a slight tightness along my left thigh and outside knee while running , but it would go away after a minute or two. Then on Saturday after running 7 miles, it was tight for a long time afterward – I went to Target and was walking around awkwardly because it was tight and didn’t feel natural. On Monday after running one mile on the treadmill, it hurt again.

Then yesterday, I had to go downtown, so I parked in a parking garage and proceeded to walk about 0.2 miles to my destination. I got lost and couldn’t find the place, so my walking was extended, and my IT band started hurting AGAIN. From WALKING. It really freaked me out and I am officially on guard. There is no reason to risk injuring myself further right now  –  the real goal is to be able to start marathon training at the end of September. I have signed up for a 3-mile race on Aug. 20 that I can take slow if needed. But for the rest of the week, no running or spinning for me. I read that Iliotobial Band Syndrome can also be caused by numerous other things besides running, such as cycling and weight lifting, but I did the spin bike for 30 minutes on Monday and felt fine. It was only after running on the treadmill that the IT band hurt.

So last night I iced it for 30 minutes and I’m looking for advice on what else to do besides the RICE strategy – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. I read on the Galloway web site to take Vitamin C, so I’m probably going to go get some at the store today. I’m going to foam roll tonight and am looking up some stretches and yoga poses specifically meant to help the IT band. Any other ideas? Arghhh.

2 thoughts on “I curse the IT Band!!

  1. Army Amy August 3, 2011 / 10:47 am

    That’s the worst! I think you’re smart to take it easy leading up to marathon training. When you run, do you wear any knee braces or sleeves? I wear a knee strap and that helps me with pain that I felt when trained for my first marathon last year. I got it for twenty bucks at Dick’s and it did the trick.*

    • deepsouthrunner August 3, 2011 / 12:53 pm

      I’m going to look into something like that, I’ve never run with any kind of brace before, but I’ve never had injury problems before!

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