I went off at Whole Foods.

Both my mom and my sister asked me why my blog was down this weekend; I am sure the rest of my legions of fans were just as worried as them. Do not fear, I am back, I was just trying to play around with some stuff on WordPress 🙂

I haven’t worked out in a week, but each day I have done this:

And foam rolled and stretched… I think I am ready to try an easy 2-mile run to test it out and see how it feels after.

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods before church, and I always come away from Whole Foods with something new that I’m excited about trying. I also always spend way too much money.

Here are the results of my shopping trip:

From left to right, “Greek Gods” greek yogurt, which I got because it was on sale, dates, whole wheat spelt flour, pumpkin seeds, Amazing Grass protein drink mix, Coconut Water, Thai soup, Clif Mojo and Lunabars, Mango Chutney, and peanut butter.

Of this group, the brand of yogurt,dates, spelt flour, Coconut water, and chutney are all new to me! I’m going to use the chutney to make chicken salad, and I plan to try to Coconut water after one of my hot runs coming up.

From left to right, Carribbean Mix fruit bars, soft pretzels, frozen spinach, shelled edmame, frozen mushrooms, Van’s French Toast sticks, butternut squash, and broccoli. I love getting edmame at sushi restaurants but have never had it at home! Very excited to find this. Also, I always get fresh mushrooms to use in pasta dishes, soups, etc., and I never use a whole package before they go bad, so I was excited to get the frozen variety which should last longer. Butternut squash is new to me,and I have become obsessed with getting big soft pretzels at the mall, so I was excited to find these for my own personal freezer! I have tried Van’s waffles before but never the French Toast sticks – I have become a big breakfast person.

Last batch – Rustic cheesy herb pizza crust, a Saffron Road Chicken Pad Thai frozen meal, a Chicken Tandoori Naanwich, and then some grapes, bananas, and apples that were 2 for $1. I was in the Asian section when I was looking for mango chutney, and I suddenly got the urge to get one of everything. I specifically love Thai and Vietnamese food. I got the frozen meal and Naanwich for two lunches this week. I will make a pizza with the crust. I will eat the fruit for snacks at work 🙂

So, with everything I already had in stock and what I bought at Whole Foods, this is my dinner menu for the week:

Monday – Jambalaya (Zatarain’s mix) with chicken and sausage; broccoli or edmame on the side

Tuesday – Chicken salad sandwiches and grapes on the side

Wednesday – Homemade pizza using Rustic Crust

Thursday – We’re going to use a Groupon to go to a sports restaurant and watch FOOTBALL!!

2 thoughts on “I went off at Whole Foods.

  1. Shayne August 8, 2011 / 2:11 pm

    I LOVE Amazing Grass. It’s kind of addictive. And PB & Co. peanut butter, too — I used to work there in college! You are totally stocked with awesome food. And you’ve inspired me — I definitely need to start planning my week’s meals ahead of time.

    • deepsouthrunner August 9, 2011 / 4:00 pm

      What an AWESOME place to work!! I could eat peanut butter with every meal!

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