Marathon Training Schedule

I finally ran again! 2.2 miles in 21 minutes. I felt really good the entire time, and my IT band only felt slightly irritated at the end. I foam rolled and iced it afterward, and it was irritated a bit the rest of the evening, but today it feels good. I’m going for a 3-mile run with my husband today, so we’ll see how it feels after that.

Here I am with Brees after my successful run:

I’m pretty sure he enjoyed getting up close and personal with my sweat.

I went ahead yesterday and made calendars for September-January with my training plan inserted into each day. I’m going to hang them on the fridge and mark off each successful day. I’m nervous and excited, particularly about November and December, which could be the death of me, or if I pretty much stick to the schedule, the most successful running month of my life thus far… Dramatic, I know.

I got the basis for this plan from Runner’s World, and while they had intervals for the speed runs, I don’t have access to a track, so I just calculated the total distance and may use my Garmin to break it up in the intervals the way Runner’s World recommended. We’ll see. A year ago I was just trying to run around the park  two full times, not exactly sure of how far that actually was, so I’ve come a long way.

For 16 weeks, this will be my life:

Monday – Speed run

Tuesday – Yoga or pilates

Wednesday – Cross-train (Spinning, weights, elliptical, etc.)

Thursday – Tempo run

Friday – Cross-train

Saturday – Long Run

Sunday – Rest

Some weeks a cross-training day may become a rest day. Some weeks will change up, for instance, if I do a half marathon race on a Sunday, my rest day will be Saturday. I can already see a potential conflict in that I have a 17-miler scheduled for Christmas Eve. I’m going to play it by ear and if my body really needs an extra day of rest, I will take it.

I like that there are only three days of running with yoga and cross training mixed in – those long run days are going to get pretty intense, and hopefully this schedule will help me avoid injury.

This precise schedule doesn’t begin until Sept. 26 – Marathon Day is January 15. I really am excited!


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