I read the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” series a few years ago, great books. I thankfully can’t fully relate to the main character because I have never had a credit card. I overdrew on my bank account a couple of times in college, but I’ve got ahold of that now, and so I go on shopping binges from time to time, but usually only after a payday and when bill deadlines aren’t looming 🙂

Saving money for the future… I will figure out how to do that efficiently soon, I promise.

Not being able to run as much has directed my shopping interests of late back to non-running apparel, but I’m sure this will change as soon as marathon training takes over my life.

Here are some latest purchases:

Color-block skirt and belt from Ruche.



Seychelles Dolley Heels in “whiskey” – these were listed at $100 on the Seychelles website and some others like, but I got them for 50% off at!

dolley shoe

Seychelles = hands down my favorite brand of shoes for heels. I have this pair – Hamburg – on my wish list in “seafoam”–



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