This is my second long stretch of no-running this month (going on 6 days now) and both times I’ve noticed that I don’t read my favorite running blogs religiously like normal. I just have no motivation to click on the links, whereas normally I really look forward to reading all of them!

I think this is because in the back of my mind I’m upset that I can’t run, and I don’t want to read about other people doing something I want to be doing but am not able to. It will make me jealous/sad/discouraged, etc. I know I shouldn’t be practicing avoidance, but it’s easier just to not think about it!

I know I could be doing something more proactive like looking up injury healing tips, searching blogs to read about other runners’ experiences with injuries, and maintaining my excitement for when I CAN run regularly again. It just seems like that time will never come, but I know it will. I just need to be patient.

I think I will spend my Friday night catching up on all my blogs 😉


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