Austin, Day One

We are here in Austin, Texas, and I’m waiting for my husband to wake up so that we can go get breakfast somewhere, so I thought I’d blog about our day yesterday!

Tropical Storm Lee was making its presence known as we packed up  yesterday morning – constant rain and wind makes it difficult to stay dry when you have to make several trips to your car! We finally left around 8:45 a.m., about an hour later than I would have liked!

Departing for a lonnggg trip

I was driving the first leg of the trip, and I was supposed to get us to somewhere near Houston before Hunter took over, but then we hit just awful heavy rain 2 and a half hours in. It was about 15-20 minutes of torrential downpour and my hands gripped on the steering wheel as tight as they could hold before we finally got off so that my husband could take over. He is a much more relaxed driver than I am and I was about to have a nervous breakdown. NOT fun. The rain followed us for a little while after we crossed the Texas border, but then finally all signs of Lee disappeared and it was sunshine from then on.

Scary rain
Relaxed husband

We stopped in a little town called Sealey to look for food, and my husband’s eyes lit up at the sign of “BBQ.”

Texas BBQ

I got a BBQ chicken baked potato the size of my head –

I did not finish it.

Everything really is bigger in Texas.

THEN we stopped again in a town called Columbus because we’re both in a Fantasy Football league that had a draft that afternoon! We were 25 miles from Columbus with 30 minutes to go until the draft, so I googled Columbus + free WiFi and found that there was a McDonald’s there that had it! So we stopped and added an additional hour to our trip just to be sure we got guys on our teams that we actually wanted!

Micky D's ftw
We got a few weird looks but who cares, I got Tom Brady!

I look rough whilst traveling. Sorry.

We FINALLY made it to Austin and only got turned around once before finding our hotel. We had toyed with the idea of getting a hotel downtown, but Saturday night rates were SO expensive and we found a much better deal in Central Austin which just requires a short drive down the Interstate to get to downtown and the UT area. I think it’s definitely worth it. We showered, changed, and then headed out to find a place to eat and hopefully somewhere showing the LSU/Oregon game.

First try, the Hula Hut, a Mexican Restaurant on the water. Lovely view, but the wait was an hour, so we decided to try downtown. We ended up at this little place called Cedar Door, where we could see from outside they had TVs for football. Success! We got a table right by two TVs playing the LSU game. Husband was very happy.

eyes glued to the TV

I got a pork taco, chicken green chile taco, beans and rice, and we started with chips, salsa, and guac. Can’t come to Texas and not get Tex-Mex! It was really good!

This food was great! Surprisingly!

Black bean soup, tacos and rice

We decided to walk around downtown a bit and then go back to the hotel to catch the end of the game – we were exhausted! LSU won handily!


Today, the plans (or hopes for plans) include:

– Visiting the UT campus

– Walking around (and hopefully shopping) downtown

– Visiting the ‘Mecca’ of Whole Foods – the chain started in Austin

– Possibly going up to Mt. Bonnel

– Wedding and reception beginning at 5 p.m.!

One thing about Austin I thought was interesting (and I’ve never really seen it in other cities) was the benefits for “green” cars –


Definitely my first time seeing this.

Pretty neat!

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