Gameday Attire

Well, if you couldn’t tell already from some of my other posts, another big interest of mine besides running is shopping! I am lucky that I have never had credit cards, because I probably would have gotten in trouble with that at some point! I am definitely an impulse buyer sometimes. But anyways, I like pretty things, and this extends to yet another big interest of mine – football. We have Saints season tickets and so I often buy a new Saints-related piece of clothing to shake up my game-day attire.

This past Sunday, we attended the Saints/Bears game and the only picture I have of me that day is this one with husband in the stands:

But this was my whole outfit (made at Polyvore):

I love the “Faux” jerseys that have the player’s number and a play on their name. My shirt was “ReMARKable” for Mark Ingram, #28. It is a girly way to wear a jersey. I do have a normal, less girly Drew Brees jersey, but it is nice to have a change-up!


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