Another race.

A month ago while we were in Austin, we saw signs around downtown advising that streets would be closed on Labor Day for a triathlon. “I’m never going to race again,” I said. It was over-dramatic and I knew it wasn’t true, but I hadn’t run in 2 weeks at that point and seeing those signs made me sad. I was jealous!

Well, I ran 10 miles total last week, I’ve run 8 miles so far this week (with hopefully 9 more to come on Saturday), and today I registered for the Jazz Half Marathon in New Orleans on Oct. 29. This will be my third half marathon, and I will be ready for it by then! My good friend is running it with me, and we are running to run – it won’t be a PR (current = 2:07), not by far, but being able to do one of these fall races I’ve been looking forward to since last spring will be worth however long it takes us!


2 thoughts on “Another race.

  1. Army Amy October 6, 2011 / 3:50 pm

    The Jazz Half sounds really cool!*

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