Getting Closer To My Goals!

Week Two is now done, and I have high hopes that by next week, I will be able to follow my training plan to the T, which includes the distance of the last run. Here is how Week Two panned out:

Monday – Ran 3.2 miles

This was a relatively easy run that caused me no pain. I am frustrated by the lack of progression in my cardio/conditioning – it is still hard on my lungs to go as fast as I used to, and I also am keeping a slower pace for fear of aggravating my IT band. I wore a long-sleeved running shirt from Thriv since it was cooler weather. Unfortunately it has warmed up this week but it’s still so much nicer than the dog days of June and July.

Tuesday – Yoga, 20 minutes

The past two weeks I have only done one program, 20 minutes’ worth, which I would like to change in the coming weeks. I want to devote more time to yoga since I think it will really help my body. I just get lazy on these days and wait until right before bedtime to do it, so I only feel like doing the minimal amount. I need to do this as soon as I get home from work and do at least two programs. I also want to try a yoga class at the gym at some point.

Wednesday, Ran 5 miles

I switched my tempo run day to Wednesday (From Thursday) so that my husband could come with me. We went to the LSU lakes which was a really nice change of pace as far as scenery. One loop around the lakes was 4 miles, and then we went another half-mile, turned around and ran the last half-mile back to the car. He started off at about a 9:30 pace which I knew was too much for me to do for 5 miles. I kept him in sight for awhile, but after 2 miles I felt shooting pain through my leg twice and I slowed way down. After slowing down I was able to complete the rest of the run (more than half!) with no pain at all. Right now just being able to run is good enough for me, and will be that way with every longer distance I cover. But I know soon I am going to grow impatient with running slower paces for 3 miles, 5 miles, than I used to. It’s just a regression that I mentally don’t like, but I know right now running slower is important so as not to re-aggravate the IT band.

Thursday, Gym, Cardio 15 minutes, Weights 20 minutes

Running on Wednesday meant two cross-training days in a row were up. I hate going to the gym in the evening because it is packed, and the parking lot is shared with several restaurants so there is hardly any parking. Thus, I have determined to only go in the early mornings before work. It was hard to get up at 6:30 as planned, so I ended up going to the gym around 7 and therefore had a shortened workout time. I focused on strength training and then did a strength program on the Cybex Arc Trainer for 15 minutes to get a little cardio in.

Friday, Gym, Cardio – 40 minutes

Again I struggled to get up at the time planned – it was supposed to be 6 but I pressed snooze four times and got up at 6:20. I was able to do just as I had planned – 20 minutes strength workout on the spin bike and 20 minutes strength program on the Cybex Arc Trainer. I like the mixture of cardio and strength. Both Thursday and Friday I did the Arc Trainer that has the upper body workout portion as well (There is another one that is just lower body). So I felt like this was a good workout day!

Saturday, Ran 9 miles

Last week I did half of what the Long Run was supposed to be, this time I did 3/4. Next week I hope to do it ALL. I was actually excited for this run and was just a little nervous how my leg would hold up. It turned out to be just fine overall. I ran 5.2 miles straight without a break for water, so I went back to my car to take a quick break and stretch my leg which had been hurting slightly. I had some Gu Chomps and also made a rookie mistake of drinking too much Powerade – I knew it was too much but I just couldn’t stop drinking, it was like the best thing I had ever tasted in my life at that moment. So I proceeded to have cramps for the next mile. All in all my IT band help up nicely, but both knees were aching as I did the last mile. This was my longest run since April! A fact I am not proud of, but I am very happy to have a new long run under my belt. Here is to completing 13 next week.

After my gym workout on Friday, I walked over to Smoothie King which is right across the way and decided to try a Lean1 Smoothie which I’d heard on the radio tasted “just like a milkshake.” That sounded pretty good to me. I got the chocolate kind, which is 293 calories for a 20 oz. It turned out to be really, really good, and filling. The ingredients are almonds, banana and the Lean1 Chocolate mix. It has 22 grams of protein!! I wasn’t hungry again until lunchtime, though I did eat some grapes at mid-morning. The only complaint I have is the price – $5+ with tax. But that didn’t stop me from getting another one after my 9-miler on Saturday! I will just save these for a special treat, maybe after long runs only.


2 thoughts on “Getting Closer To My Goals!

  1. Army Amy October 9, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    Way to go on your 9 miler with no knee pain! I’ve never heard of that smoothie, but I’m tempted to try it!*

    • deepsouthrunner October 10, 2011 / 8:21 am

      It’s really good and filling, a good recovery drink after a long run! And Smoothie King is not even telling me to say this!! haha.

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