Crazy varying mileage.

This year has been a roller coaster as far as running. January was spent training for my first half marathon, which took place on Feb. 13. I immediately decided to run a 2nd half marathon at the end of March, so February and March were also spent keeping pace to improve my half marathon time. I ran several races in March and topped out at 100 miles, my most by far of any other month.

My mileage dropped by half in April with the temperatures rising and no long race to train for. It was the same story in May, June, and July. The heat and no big race for motivation meant when I did get out to run, it was short mileage. I ran 6 miles in June, but that was my longest distance until the last day of July, when I ran 7 on a very hot Saturday morning.

Then August 1st came, and I discovered my IT Band Syndrome. Even walking was cause for pain. I tried to get some runs in and did a 5K on August 20, but shooting pains scared me off from pushing it. With marathon training set to begin the week of Sept. 25, I backed WAY off in September, hoping to get healed up and be able to transition into marathon training slowly.

This appears to have worked. I have made mention of my conditioning woes, and I was not able to complete my long runs the first two weeks of marathon training, but last week I did all 23 miles on my schedule, and I ran a 9:15-paced 3-miler yesterday, with no pain and feeling like I am gaining my speed and conditioning back.

I am back to believing I can do this! It was torture to sit out running for weeks at a time, but it appears now that it was worth it. My leg feels good, and I am running a half marathon next week.

Blessed! 🙂

One thought on “Crazy varying mileage.

  1. Army Amy October 18, 2011 / 4:56 pm

    Woo hoo! That’s great!*

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