Half Marathon #3 – Done!

(My chip time was more like 2:27:something… I stopped the Garmin while waiting in two Porta Potty lines šŸ˜”

I went into it planning to just take it easy like a long run, and so it was my slowest half marathon of all, but I don’t feel bad about that! I love the shirt – it’s actually cut for a female and small! A race shirt I’ll actually run in – what a novelty! The medal’s colors are really pretty, too. I will do a more in-depth recap soon, but all in all, good times.


3 thoughts on “Half Marathon #3 – Done!

  1. The shirt and medal are cute! It’s hard to reign it in when you’re racing, but when you’re training for a bigger race, it’s super smart! Can’t wait for the full recap!*

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