Week Six Recap

This week of marathon training brought some goals with it, goals that went past simply doing what was on my schedule. I finally started having pace goals in mind for my runs, and I was surprised at how well I did in exceeding those goals. Here is Week Six in a nutshell:

06 Week Six Oct 31-Nov 6

Monday, Ran 4 miles at 8:29 pace.

oct 31

My goal pace for this speed run was to complete it with at least a 9:00-min/mile pace. My husband came with me for this run and, following his lead, we killed that pace. It was really tough at some points, but I’m amazed at how much my conditioning has come around the past month or so. Cooler weather really helps, too.

Tuesday, Yoga, 20 minutes.

Just me and Rodney Yee and his Power Foundations 20-minute program. This is really easy and feels good to stretch out. I will need to attempt some more challenging programs in the future.

Wednesday, Rest.

I’m seeing a pattern these past few weeks which involves me switching my Sunday rest day with a different day in the middle of the week. Maybe it is working myself too hard to work out every single day during the work week. It’s much easier to get to the gym early Sunday morning than it is on Wednesday morning before work.

Thursday, Ran 5 miles at 8:53 pace.

Nov 3
I didn’t think I would have held the 8:29 pace on Monday if I’d been running alone, so I was curious to see how I would do with this tempo run going solo. I’d set the goal to be under a 9:30 pace, and once again, I beat my goal by quite a bit. It rained Thursday morning which brought in a nice cold front, and this once again aided me in my speed. I need to learn not to overdress (aka overreact) at the first sign of cold. I warm up quickly once I start running and then it’s too warm! I wore a long-sleeved top and long tights, and it was a bit too much.

Friday, Spinning 25 minutes (8.2 Miles) at the Gym.

I managed to fall out of bed at 6 a.m.-ish and get to the gym to get a cross-training workout in before work. I have discovered that reading a magazine while spinning makes it go by incredibly fast, and my gym has random magazines available. When they are my favorite, gossip trash magazines like Us and People, it is awesome! But one day there was nothing other than Golf Digest and Parents. That sucked.

Saturday, Ran 15 miles at 9:47 pace and did yoga for 20 minutes.

Nov 5

The 15-miler, my longest run of my life yet, was challenging but went really well. My goal was to complete it at about a 10-minute pace, and I did better than my goal again by finishing with a 9:47 pace. I started off a little slower, doing 9:50-10:05 paced miles, but I got quicker in the second half, banging them out at an average of 9:35 minute-miles.

The last mile was the most challenging of course – you would think that mentally, knowing how close you are to the finish would propel you to go out strong, but for me it becomes harder to stay focused and not keep looking at my distance every 10 seconds.

I really liked my course for this run – two different loops next to each other, one a 3.18 loop and the other a 4-mile loop. I did each one twice and then had to run a little extra to get to 15. It’s very scenic and the weather was gorgeous.


I don’t normally time my water breaks during training runs, because I want to see how fast I am actually running. In races I know you can’t stop the clock, but I don’t really stop — when I grab water I may walk a few steps to drink it (I am terrible at drinking and running), but it’s nothing majorly time-consuming. Obviously any Porta-Potty breaks drain time and the clock doesn’t stop for those. But while training I just want to know what I ran, period. So I typically stop my Garmin when I take a Gatorade break, re-apply sunscreen, etc.(roughly 1-2 minutes). I forgot to stop my Garmin during a break after mile 3 and so it added about 2 minutes to my overall time. I guess my pace according to Garmin would have been a little faster if not for that, but I have no way to know how long the break really was. Oh well.

Sunday, Rest.

Considered going to the gym at 7 a.m.before we had to head to New Orleans for the Saints game, but I was exhausted. We got home from the Saints game around 6 p.m. and I had no energy to try and go then. I fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. Daylight Savings has messed me up a bit.

2 thoughts on “Week Six Recap

  1. Army Amy November 7, 2011 / 11:58 am

    Great job this week! I really like running 15 miles. It’s a rewarding distance, but it doesn’t kill you. I wish there were 15 mile races!*

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