I really hate this, but…

I think I am going to have to skip my 10-miler today. My cold that began on Monday has persisted, and I now have developed a very deep cough that seems to come from my chest. I probably should have skipped the 3-miler I did on Tuesday, but I didn’t and I am not better.

I have no intentions on missing the 10-mile race I’ve signed up for on Saturday (plus three extra miles to get me 13 total), so I think for the next two days I will simply rest. I really, REALLY hate missing such a LONG run — and I will probably try to make it up one week and do a longer tempo run than what is on the schedule.

I just came back from reading this article at Runner’s World – Should You Run When You’re Sick? – and the comments on it scared me, people talking about lingering illnesses and developing worse symptoms when they ran while sick, even having to miss marathons they were training for because they never got better in time. The “neck rule” says you can still run when symptoms are limited from the neck up, but now my cough is coming from my chest so I feel I better not risk it. I don’t want to make this linger any longer than it has to.


One thought on “I really hate this, but…

  1. Army Amy November 17, 2011 / 7:47 pm

    Rest is best, but I know it’s hard when you want to run. Missing a few runs won’t ruin your training. Your body will appreciate some recuperation time.*

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