Week Eight Recap -Sick Fail

Last week did not go as planned.

08 Week Eight Nov 14-20

I know in the long run, (pun not intended??) it’s for the best that I got extended rest last week during my severe cold. I am lucky that running 13 miles on Saturday, when my cold was on its last legs, didn’t re-aggravate my illness.

As for the two days I did run:

Tuesday, Ran 3 Miles (speed).

Nov 15

It is hard to take a good picture of the Garmin with its backlight on in the dark. It takes me like 100 tries. I felt pretty good for this run, but I definitely prefer longer distances and slower paces. It almost feels like a waste of time to change clothes, get all my stuff ready, and then run for less than 30 minutes. But I know it’s not a waste of time and is helping stretch my limits.

Saturday, Ran 3 Miles and then 10(.2) More

Nov 19

It is hard to balance racing and training. I know that it’s smart not to go all out at races, in order to avoid injury,while in the midst of training. A PR is not worth having to miss the marathon because I hurt myself. But it is hard for the pride not to have a great performance or to be left back in the pack. And the truth is, for the 10-miler, I did try to meet a goal. I just was unable to meet it. I know I was sick all week and I don’t know if it would have been the same story if I had been healthy, but like the 17-miler gave me confidence last week, this run gave me doubt. I know I’ll learn a lot more about myself in the coming weeks.

Here is Week Nine:

With 7 weeks left, I am considering re-evaluating my plan and possibly adding some extra miles each week. Part of me is concerned I am not getting enough mileage in, but the other part of me knows I picked this particular plan in order to avoid injury. Still, I look at the plan and think, “How will I run 26.2 miles at once when most of my training plan has me running less than that a week?” So for weeks that call for less than 26 miles, I may try and add some extra miles in order to at least run that much.

I will be running 2 extra miles this week by running a 5-mile race on Thursday. I’ll take it week by week and see if/where I can add more miles.


One thought on “Week Eight Recap -Sick Fail

  1. Army Amy November 22, 2011 / 8:12 pm

    I know it’s not the week you were hoping for. One week shouldn’t derail you too much, but I’m like you; I still want to get my miles in even if I am sick!*

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