Week Nine Recap

It’s all mental! So far! Though I have an aching ankle that hurts a bit in each run and needs special attention each day, and sometimes my IT band reminds me of its recent illness, I have remained pretty much injury-free (knock on wood), and so challenges that arise in each run are mostly mental and not physical (save for last week when my cold made it very physical.)

09 Week Nine Nov 21-27

Monday, Ran 3 miles after work.

Nov 21

It gets dark so early now! Makes it quite difficult for the evening runs.Thankfully I had my husband come with me for this run, and we went to the Lakes and City Park. A lack of street lights made it almost too hard to see the road beneath our feet at some points. I was worried I was going to trip on a pothole and hurt myself! We’re very familiar with the area though, so it wasn’t too bad, but next time I think we’ll go to another park where they have more lighting. I set the pace for this run, and was OK with the final pace but wish we could have done it a little faster.

Tuesday, Skipped yoga.

My lack of yoga or Pilates this week is disappointing 😦

Wednesday, Went to the gym for XT and 1 mile.

Nov 23 Gym Cardio

With my goal of running 26+ miles every week, I decided to sneak in another mile on an XT day at the gym. Then I did the spin bike for 30 minutes; sadly there were no good magazines available to read, so I turned my iPod to the radio function and synced with the TV by the bike, which was playing ESPN. Afterward, I did weight machines for the lower and upper body.

Thursday, Ran 5 (Turkey Day Race).

Nov 24

I already put up my race recap for this race, but this was a good run that was done a bit faster than I might have done as a training run – in training, I might have aimed for sub-9:00 but it would have been more around 8:50-55. Second time in one week I got Hunter to run with me! How rare.

Friday, Rest.

I might have gone to the gym before work but I was so exhausted from Thanksgiving Day festivities that I just had no extra energy to get up early. This worked out OK when I ended up doing XT on Saturday instead.

Saturday, Went to gym for XT.

Nov 26 Gym Cardio

I was planning to do my 18-miler on Saturday, but it rained off and on ALL DAY. In desperation mode, I had even considered getting up at 6 to try and get it in before rain was forecasted to begin at 8, but that still wouldn’t have been enough time to finish and I didn’t want to run, say, 10 or 12 miles, and be unable to complete 18. So I decided Friday night to move the run to Sunday, which was not projected to have rain.

So on Saturday, I headed to the gym and got in 30 minutes of cardio on the Cybex Arc Trainer and spin bike, then 20 minutes of weights (concentrated on upper body only).


Sunday, Ran 18 miles.

Nov 27

The weather on Sunday was chilly, overcast, still lingering from effects of the all-day rain on Saturday, so it was pretty perfect for an extra-long run.I brought extra socks just in case I stepped in a puddle or something, but I never had a problem. (Balega socks are my fave).

I decided to do my run in 5 loops, each one followed by a Powerade stop at my car. They went like this: 4 miles, 4 miles, 3.2 miles, 4 miles, 2.8 miles. It helps me to break it up like this, so in my head I can focus on each segment rather than how much is left TOTAL and get overwhelmed.

I had a Clif Mojo bar before the run, in addition to a Mint Chocolate Gu. I fueled during the run with Powerade and 2 Gu Chomps after the first three loops.

As I began the 5th and final loop, it started to rain. I was like, “SERIOUSLY?? How cruel!” But it only lasted for about .75 of a mile, then stopped. My goal pace was sub-10:00, which I hit with an average of 9:51.

Nov 27 18-Mile Splits

So overall, good week!

Coming up…

010 Week Ten Nov 28-Dec 4

I’m trying to figure out how to add in some extra miles this week to get 27… I will probably run 6 on Thursday and then go for a 2-mile recovery run on Sunday. On Saturday I am running a half-marathon, so I have to add 1.9 miles to that. If I get to the race site on time and can do it logistically, I will do it before the race. Otherwise, I will have to do it after.

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