Week Ten Recap

Fail at everything except running. I guess I got the most important thing done… but I was feeling the aches on Sunday.

Monday, Went to New Orleans for Monday Night Football.

Went to work early and left early to get to NOLA for a Saints game.

Tuesday, Ran 4 at 8:30 pace.

Nov 29

Ran in the dark and cold and it was lovely… listened to the radio on my iPod for the first time during a run and it helped time go by fast. Didn’t really look at my Garmin during this run for pacing because I would have to turn the backlight on to read it any time I wanted to see the pace, so this was mostly done by perception and it turned out well.

Wednesday,Ran 5.1 at 9:06 pace.

Nov 30

Same deal as Tuesday, cold, dark, and didn’t feel like running but saw paparazzi pictures of Reese Witherspoon running and got inspired. For real.

Thursday – Friday, Rest.

Thursday was spent cleaning and reorganizing our apartment to fit in two new (secondhand) couches that were coming to our apartment thanks to my sister. Friday, I cleaned and rearranged some more, picked up my race packet, and was in bed by 8:30.

Saturday, Ran 13.3 (Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon).

Dec 3


According to my Garmin, with a time of 2:07:02 and distance of 13.3, I ran a 9:33 pace. According to the race, I ran 13.1 in 2:07:14 for a 9:44 pace. I am confused about my chip time being 2:07:14 when race pictures show that I crossed the finish line with a clock time of 2:07:14. The website says my gun time was 2:07:35, so how come the race clock didn’t match the gun time? Confused. Regardless, it was a PR! This was a fun race, recap coming.

Sunday, Ran 4 recovery miles at 9:22 to hit 26+ for the week.

Dec 4

Didn’t get up to 15 on Saturday as planned, and needed to do 2 more as well to get to 26, so I just ran 4 at a slower than tempo pace. It warmed up significantly from Saturday!


One thought on “Week Ten Recap

  1. Army Amy December 5, 2011 / 7:27 pm

    The chip/clock time shenanigans at you half are very weird. I wonder what that’s about!

    And I will try a run with my radio this week. You’ve piqued my interest!*

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