I Ran 20 Miles.

This training run had been taunting me ever since I first made out my training plan back in June. “I’m going to run 20 miles… all by myself.”

I was kind of dreading it Friday night, and definitely took extra time getting out of the door Saturday morning, because it seemed so daunting even though it was only 2 miles more than what I ran two weeks ago.

That mentality carried itself with me for the first 6 miles or so – I just kept thinking, “I have so many miles left.” I have always been an independent runner but 3+ hours of running can get a little lonely! It was also really cold – about 36 degrees when I started at 8 a.m. It took me awhile to get out of my mental funk, and I figured that once I passed the halfway point, I would have a brighter outlook.

The last five miles were the toughest, with the final two seeming to last forever! But as soon as I finished, I felt great! My legs were screaming but the feeling of accomplishment is high 🙂



20 Miles

P.S. Love my Brooks “Run Happy” shirt but it chafed my neckline pretty badly! I would say save this one for shorter runs. Seriously!

One thought on “I Ran 20 Miles.

  1. Army Amy December 12, 2011 / 7:55 pm

    Congrats! 20 miles is an amazing accomplishment! I hope you ate a big meal afterwards to celebrate.*

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