Marathon Training: Week Eleven Recap

011 Week Eleven Dec 5-11

Total Miles: 32

I only cross-trained once and did yoga zero times, so for the second week in a row the bulk of any activity was running, but I think it’s important down the stretch to keep a balance. I am making yoga and XT a larger priority this week!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Ran 4 (speed)

Dec 6

It was cold and rainy all day Tuesday,  but because I had put off my run on Monday in order to go to the store and recoop from the first day back at work after the weekend, I couldn’t skip. So I headed to the gym and put in my miles on the treadmill. This is actually better probably for speed, because instead of my pace going all over the place like normal, I was able to control how fast I was going. It was tough though, and the treadmill is not fun by any means!

Wednesday, Rest

Thursday, Ran 8 (tempo)

Dec 8

I took it back outside for my 8-miler, and this run was great – I got it done before it got dark, the weather was cool and crisp, and I just felt really good the whole time. I was pushing myself at the end but had no soreness afterward and just overall felt really good!

Friday, Rest

Saturday, Ran 20 (long)

Dec 10

I posted another post about this run, but it was a number of things: challenging mentally and physically, boring, interesting, cold, warm, painful, exciting… I am both looking forward to and dreading my next 20-miler which will take place in two weeks. For the first several miles I felt foggy and tired, also mentally intimidated by the distance. I think about the marathon a lot while I run, but I also try to make myself think of other things not running-related, to keep my mind off the challenge. I fueled up with a bagel thin and peanut butter before I left, a PowerBar Energy Gel to start, and I took another Gu gel after 13 miles. I also periodically ate Gu Chomps and drank Powerade throughout. It was my first time taking a Gu in the middle of the run rather than just at the beginning, and my stomach handled it fine, which is good – I’m going to need all the aid I can get in the marathon! They will have ClifShot Energy Gels available on the course, according to the race site. Also, they released the art of the finisher’s medal this weekend:


I love it – can’t wait til I have this in my hands!!

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week Eleven Recap

  1. Army Amy December 13, 2011 / 5:43 pm

    The medal is beautiful! I love the tree, and I like that it says ‘inaugural’ on it. Makes it seem even more special!*

    • deepsouthrunner December 14, 2011 / 8:51 am

      Yep and it doubles as a bottle opener! Pretty cool! 🙂

  2. Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner December 15, 2011 / 7:37 pm

    Girl you are going to do SO SO awesome on your marathon on January 15th!!! So excited for you!!!
    Congrats on your awesome 20-miler…I remember my first 20 miler just earlier this summer, I was so scared of it. And I even did it with a group…
    But your body and mind totally get used to it because I did a 20 miler all by myself (with Tappan on a bike next to me) a few weeks ago and it was no big deal!!

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