Week 13-14 Recaps

I got kind of discombobulated during the two holiday weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. I worked random days but mostly had long weekends and we traveled a bit. We went to and from New Orleans twice to go to Saints games and also headed to Nola for New Year’s Eve. It was a fun two weeks but it has left me exhausted! I am searching for more energy as we speak!

The week of Christmas was the busiest, and again I got all my runs in and not much else. I did my 20-miler recap the day of, but these other runs seem so long ago now that I can’t really recall the details.

Week 13

013 Week Thirteen Dec 19-25

Wednesday, Ran 4.5 (speed)

Dec 21

The details of this run are foggy but it was apparently warm. I think I do recall now that it was dark and I took a new route to be in a residential area, and I was really out of breath at the end.

Friday: Ran 5 (tempo)

Dec 23

I got up early to run on Friday prior to our 4-hour trip north to my in-law’s for Christmas.I think I remember my legs feeling pretty dead for this one, and I was hopeful that would go away for the 20-miler.

Saturday, Ran 20 (long)

Dec 24

I did a recap of this run the day I did it; it was scary at first because my IT band was really tight for 11 miles of this, and I was concerned I had messed it up. Thankfully, almost two weeks later I can say my IT band is fine! This run was cold, the last three miles were wet, but it was SO NICE to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with this accomplishment under my belt.

Week 14

014 Week Fourteen Dec 26 - Jan 1

Didn’t put it in the graph, but total miles = 22.5

Wednesday, Ran 3.5 (speed)

Dec 28

Was this really only a week ago? Seems like longer. I have been feeling burned out lately and especially have NOT been motivated to do my runs in the middle of the week.

Friday, Ran 4 (tempo)

Dec 30

We got off early on Friday for the second holiday weekend, and so I took advantage of the daylight and did my 4-miler right after getting done for the day. My pace was OK but it was a little warm, so that hampered me a bit.

Saturday, Ran 15.1 (long)

Dec 31

It was a bit chilly Saturday morning, New Year’s Eve, but I apparently overdressed and sweated a LOT for this run. My blue shirt is actually drenched in this picture, if you can tell. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel on this run, but I actually enjoyed it because I added a lot of new wrinkles into my route, Where I usually stay on the main jogging roads, this time I turned into the streets that make up that area’s residential area and got a lot of miles from new roads. There are still plenty of people around and it’s broad daylight so I feel safe, and the traffic on those streets is minimal. I took this at a slower pace, and I did actually enjoy it which was nice. My last 15-miler was such a disaster that I was kind of dreading this distance, but it worked out.

4 thoughts on “Week 13-14 Recaps

  1. betybliss January 5, 2012 / 1:34 pm

    You are going to do so awesome!! I can’t believe it’s only a week away. I’m so excited!!

  2. Army Amy January 5, 2012 / 9:02 pm

    In that last picture, I thought you got rained on! LOL! You’re doing an amazing job of getting in those runs and at a great pace.*

    • deepsouthrunner January 9, 2012 / 4:43 pm

      Yeah, I was planning on that being my marathon shirt that I raced in, but it obviously does not handle the sweat very well!! 🙂 Glad I tested that out!!

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