I am considering doing a 30K on February 11, but I’m trying to figure out logistics…

I need to figure out if I’m going to do it pretty soon, and if so, I’ll probably do a 13-14 mile run on Saturday and some shorter runs this week and next to prepare. I’ve never done one before so it will be an instant PR, but I guess my goal would be to keep a 9:50 pace or so.

I “window shop” online a lot and randomly bookmark anything that strikes my fancy. This leads to a LARGE number of “Unsorted Bookmarks” that I have no organization for, so from time to time I open all of those bookmarks in tabs and then reconsider if I still like something and delete bookmarks of items that have sold out or whatever.

I did this yesterday and ended up buying two things that I had bookmarked long ago:

These Rocket Dog shoes were originally $40 but I got them on sale for $22 at 6pm.com

This cute T-shirt comes from my alma mater’s online bookstore.

Last week I went a little crazy ordering movies from Amazon.com. Most of these were $5 or under.

I love chick flicks and scary movies. And I added in Party of Five, Season 1, which was $8. Loved that show.

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