Long Weekend

For an early Valentine’s Day/really late anniversary (August 16), we headed to New Orleans on Thursday to spend a night in the French Quarter.

Don’t you hate how you pay for less than 24 hours at a hotel? Check-in was 4 p.m. and check-out 11 a.m. Seems like kind of a rip-off. At least we got a good deal off Priceline.

We checked into our hotel, changed, and headed out to eat dinner at this place called Remoulade on Bourbon Street. It’s more casual (cheaper) version of a nice New Orleans restaurant called Arnaud’s.


We shared an appetizer of oysters and then for dinner, Hunter had softshell crabs and I had crawfish etouffee.

After dinner, we walked pretty much right next door to the Musical Legends Park, where live music was being played. It was chilly but nice out, so we sat there for a little while listening to some jazz classics. When the lead singer came around with the tip bucket, he told me I had beautiful hair 🙂



101_2608We had looked up a few coffee/dessert places to try, but most if not all were closed, since it was a Thursday night. We ended up at the good ole standby of Café Du Monde, an outdoor beignet and coffee place. I had hot chocolate and it was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever had hot chocolate there before, but I will from now on (unless it’s like, late spring or summer).


I am an old fogey and was tired at 10 p.m. We headed back to our hotel and turned in for the night.

The next morning, I took some pictures around our hotel. It contains several buildings around a beautiful little courtyard. Very big on New Orleans charm.






This a picture of the front of the hotel from their website:


We sadly checked out of our pretty hotel and then my first mission was to find some pralines. Not a very hard thing to do.

We got various kinds from a Creole Candy shop, then walked through the French Market where I paid too much for a fleur de lis ring. I am a terrible haggler. The French Market is fun, though.



You can watch them making pralines through a window at the shop.




We finished up our excursion by getting lunch at Johnny’s Po-Boys, a very crowded and popular place. It was about to storm, so we headed out of town.

Even though it was Friday, it felt like the weekend was over! We went to our Bible study Friday night and ended up playing board games with the husband and wife who lead it because we were the only ones to show up!

Then, on Saturday morning, we began my husband’s half marathon training. Back in October when we got a $55 discount on Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans, we both signed up for the half which takes place March 4. Well, I was marathon training all that time, but Hunter hasn’t really run in about 2 months. With only three weeks to go, we had to get something going! We did 6 miles around the LSU lakes.



He was thrilled.

The rest of Saturday was spent watching the movie 50/50, using Wi-Fi at Starbucks (whilst eavesdropping on a really awkward conversation going on right next to me), and then eating dinner at a local burger restaurant. I found out about Whitney Houston’s death while reading Twitter on my phone, and was really sad. I remember in the mid-90s pretending I was a gymnast (must have been around the 1996 Summer Olympics) while doing somersaults on my bed to “The Bodyguard” soundtrack. Yes, kind of embarrassing… Then in high school I had the Whitney Houston Greatest Hits album and I used to go walking around the neighborhood (walking used to be my form of exercise, never running) listening to those two CDs on my Discman. I haven’t really thought about her in recent years, obviously she’d been off the radar except for her many troubles, but it really made me sad.

On Sunday, I got up and tried a Pinterest-inspired recipe for Martha Stewart’s Bacon and Egg Toast Cups. Pretty good.


We went to church, out to eat at Outback for lunch using a gift card we got for Christmas, I went grocery shopping, did 45 minutes of the spin bike at the gym, then came home and made dinner and another Pinterest-inspired recipe, Snickers Cheesecake “cookies” (?) More like little cakes. This got really messy and was not quite as successful as the egg cups, but after refrigeration and some caramel syrup, pretty good.


It was a good, long weekend.

Snickers Cheesecake Cookie Recipe – http://picky-palate.com/2010/07/08/snickers-caramel-cheesecake-cookies/

Bacon, Egg and Toast Cup Recipe – http://www.marthastewart.com/330179/bacon-egg-and-toast-cups


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