Food Makeover

So after my food photo-journaling the other day, where I realized I eat an alarmingly high number of processed foods, I went grocery shopping and meal planning and started trying out some healthier choices yesterday. Let’s take a look and compare this day to the processed day:


Originally… Two packets of Quaker Instant Oatmeal with almond milk and pb, one cup of tea with 2 packets Equal

Now: Vegan Overnight Oats made with oats, almond milk, vanilla extract, banana, peanut butter, and maple syrup; Iced Mai Thai coffee with almond milk and Equal. (My next goal is to find a healthier sweetener.)


Snacks Throughout the Work Day:

Originally… String cheese, Light n Fit Yogurt,pear, sugar-free cappuccino from the gas station

Now: Greek Yogurt with granola, and cucumber/carrots with hummus in the morning; a pear, string cheese, 100-calorie cheese nips in the afternoon.


I think the string cheese is OK to eat, and I’m just finishing off the Cheese Nips that I have left – won’t be buying more 🙂

Instead of regular yogurt, I brought Greek yogurt, which I do buy often. This black cherry kind was GREAT. I wanted to lick the carton when it was all gone.

The snack of hummus with cucumbers and carrots really filled me up and was a great mid-morning mini-meal.


Originally… A Lean Pocket and 100-calorie Cheese Nips

Now: A tomato, avocado and hummus sandwich


I was really filled from my hummus and yogurt snacks in the morning, so I only ate this sandwich for lunch.(Then when I got hungry again in the afternoon, I had the pear, string cheese, and Cheese Nips).

I really felt like I had more energy throughout the day (Even though I’d actually gotten less sleep than normal) and was really pleased with all of my food choices. I do want to cut out the Equal sweetener for something more natural, and I have one more 100-calorie pack to finish off and then I am going to forego that type of snack in the future.

For dinner, I made the Healthy Un-fried Rice recipe from Daily Garnish – very good, but I used instant brown rice and I think it will be better with non-instant. Guess I’ll have to pull out my new rice cooker to do this again soon!


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