Growing up in south Louisiana, I always felt like everyone at school was Catholic except for me. Obviously I knew the handful of people my age who went to my own church, and some who went to other non-Catholic churches, but Catholicism is the predominant religion there. So Lent was always something I heard lots about, and was reminded of each Friday when the cafeteria served fish sticks or grilled cheese instead of anything containing meat.

Since I’m not Catholic, I don’t think I’ve ever given anything up  for or observed Lent, but I found myself thinking about it earlier this week. It is always good to look at areas you can be more disciplined in, and sacrifice something. So for the first time, I am committing to giving up something, well, two things, for Lent.

1) Desserts – This isn’t THAT big of a sacrifice for me with the exception of Yogurtland, which is the only dessert I eat regularly. But I want to cut this out entirely for the next month and a half, and it really will pain me to not be able to get my fro-yo fix at times.

2) Diet Coke (And other sodas) – This IS a big sacrifice for me and I’m already slightly anxious about the idea. But I need to cut this out as much as possible and drink more water. I’ve already bought some limes to put in my water, which makes it more appealing to me. I used to try and limit myself to only 40 oz of Diet Coke a day in college, and I regularly FAILED at that. I recently started buying 12-packs of Cherry Coke Zero and I would find myself having drunk 3 in one day. Obviously the improvement in this area over a period of 8 years has been MINIMAL. Discipline starts now…

3) I want to commit to reading my Bible every day during Lent, which is something I should do anyway but some days I let it get past me. For this period of time I want to make it a top priority every day. And every time I have the opportunity to decline Diet Coke or dessert, it will remind me.

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