February Running

I am running the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon a week from today, and this is what my February training looks like:

It is quite pathetic. To be quite honest, ever since my marathon, I have for the most part hated running, while in the middle of a run. I didn’t realize how burned out I was from marathon training until the high of my marathon wore off and I was left with almost a let-down feeling of “What now?” I immediately did a half marathon two weeks later, and then proceeded not to run one single day for almost two weeks.

I managed to PR at that half marathon, but I don’t have any high expectations for RnR Nola. I have quite simply not put in the work. It is slightly affected by the fact that my husband is running it with me, and he hadn’t run in at least two months when we did that first 6-miler on Feb. 11. We did the 11-miler yesterday at about a 10:33 pace and that felt really good, and I didn’t hate running for the first time in weeks. So I know we can do the half marathon at a little faster pace than that, but I’m not gunning for a PR and neither is he. I think we’ll aim to hit our predicted finish time (that we put in when we registered) of 2:15.

We’ll be running for fun, and that’s OK! I put in a lot of work this racing season for the marathon, and I think it’s OK to finally just run to have fun.

One thought on “February Running

  1. betybliss February 27, 2012 / 11:18 am

    I think it’s totally ok to run just for fun. Especially if you’re going to be running with your husband 🙂

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