Travel Love

Went for a run yesterday, took pictures for old times’ sake!

It was very warm! I feel like we never got a real winter this year, as truly cold weather would last for 3 days maximum before going back to mild temperatures. I don’t love being extremely cold, but I really hate being really hot and those days are sneaking up on us.

One good thing coming with the hot weather is an exciting time – my husband’s graduation from law school! His last exam is May 5 and graduation is May 25. In the weeks between those two dates, we are planning to take a trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia!

We’ll be staying with my cousin and her husband in DC for a few days, and then we’ll take a train to Philadelphia for a two-day trip. I’ve been researching hotel prices in the area and it’s not pretty! Then yesterday I started looking at B&Bs that are within walking distance of all the local attractions, and those are much more affordable. I’ve been getting excited thinking about all of the things we’ll do. I love traveling so much!

The biggest thing is money, and we’ve been cutting out eating out and online shopping (well, that was my problem), to save up some funds. The first big purchase will be plane tickets, which I’d like to get by the end of March. Those prices are looking pretty scary right now, and I know the longer we wait the more they’ll go up.

This weekend is RnR New Orleans, and I’m looking forward to it – especially because we coughed up $20 in order to be able to park near the finish line and take a shuttle from there to the start. The idea of trying to find a parking space in New Orleans somewhere near the start, when this race is almost sold out so it will be bigger than ever, is enough to give me a panic attack. $20 is well worth the peace of mind knowing we’ll have a parking spot, a shuttle to the start, and our car will be there for us right by the finish. I’m trying to convince Hunter we need to go to the expo on Friday when there will be less people. Fingers crossed.

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