RnR Nola Expo

We decided to go to the expo for the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon today instead of waiting until tomorrow, and I was really glad we did – much less crowded than last year!

The expo was your typical RnR expo – this is my third race with them and all three expos were basically exactly the same.


When we got to the expo, we saw signs saying the race was SOLD OUT! That means 22,000 people registered – last year it was around 17,000, so this is going to be so much bigger.


I’m SO glad I purchased a parking pass near the Finish Line in advance online – when we got to the booth to pick up our pass, they were sold out for any hopefuls trying to get one in person.


We walked around trying free samples and buying some Gu – I finally get to try peanut butter! We sat down and took a raffle ticket for a paid trip to do RnR Portugal they were giving away, but we didn’t win ;(



This race was my first ever half marathon a year ago – I remember seeing the countdown at the expo last year and feeling so nervous… I knew I could do it but I was wondering how I would handle the experience. It turned out to be a wonderful time and this will now be Half Marathon #6, with a full marathon thrown in the middle 🙂

I LOVE that they have women’s-sized race shirts this year!!!!!! This shirt was so cute and it will actually fit me!


Cute design…


I wish all races offered women-specific shirts… I know it probably costs extra money, but so many of my other race shirts just go to waste, even if they’re technical shirts, because they’re way too big on me to run in.

I have a feeling this will become a favorite running shirt of mine 🙂

I also won a free Brooks shirt for filling out my email address, and Hunter won a beanie.



So glad we got the expo over with today and tomorrow I can just relax. My niece is having a birthday party (she’s turning 6 this year – where does the time go?!?!) tomorrow and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting down to New Orleans on top of that. Thanks to our parking pass the morning of the race should be relatively stress-free – knock on wood – so I’m just excited.

Race report to follow after Sunday!

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