Go Team

So this is off topic from running, but while we were in Shreveport this past weekend, I got my husband’s whole family to go and see The Hunger Games. I’d been begging Hunter to take me, and he mentioned it to his parents, so on opening day, off we were!


I downloaded The Hunger Games (the first book) in December right after I got my Kindle, and started reading it during our trip to Tallahassee for a wedding. I was really intrigued with it to a certain point, then put it down and somehow didn’t pick it back up until two weeks ago! Apparently I had put it down right before it got REALLY good because when I started reading it again, I couldn’t stop. I stayed up until midnight before Daylight Saving Time to finish – who needs sleep?

I immediately downloaded Catching Fire, finished that in about a week, then got Mockingjay. I had the same issue with Mockingjay that I had with the first book – it got a little slow to me in the middle, then picked up at the end.

But needless to say, I love the series and LOVED the movie. I would go back and see it again in a heartbeat. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect, and I’ve read mixed reviews on the actor who plays Peeta, but I liked him. I can’t look at Gale/Liam Helmsworth without thinking about Miley Cyrus.

I am Team Peeta, what about you?

Speakings of “teams” for triangles – this is nothing new to me! Last night I was watching episodes of Dawson’s Creek, Season 3, and I am and always was so totally Team Pacey. Was there really anyone on Team Dawson after that season??

season 3

I remember coming home from church on Wednesday nights in 9th grade (when Season 3 first aired) and eagerly watching the latest episode of Dawson’s Creek that I had taped on my VCR.

In fact, a few weeks ago, my husband called to me from the other room, “Your boyfriend is on TV.”

“Pacey?” I asked. That was my first response. Pacey. Meaning Joshua Jackson, but he will always be Pacey to me.

(The answer was actually Ryan Gosling. My husband just gets me, you know??)


One thought on “Go Team

  1. betybliss March 28, 2012 / 11:27 am

    I read the books and watched the movie too. I loved both. I really like Peeta and I thought he was really sweet.

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