A good running week

Monday: Ran 3 miles/9:04 pace


My legs felt pretty dead for this run, just really heavy and still feeling the effects of that hilly 10K.


It’s so warm and humid these days; it feels like early summer and not early spring. It’s only going to get hotter!

Wednesday: Ran 2 miles/8:33 pace

I had planned to run 4 miles on this day, but a number of things conspired against me. I drove to a smaller park with a tiny parking lot to get ready to run, and as I got my stuff together and set up my Garmin to find its satellites, I noticed a man standing at his car just wiping down the windows over and over. It seemed a little suspicious to me because who goes to a park’s parking lot to wash their car windows? I know I was probably being overly paranoid but there wasn’t anyone else in the parking lot with us and he was just giving me a weird vibe. Then, as  I tried to put on my Garmin, a little piece that connects the strap to the watch part broke off completely. I was so irritated that I debated just going home, but then I decided just to run 2 miles while holding my Garmin in my hand (I’m so dependent on that thing!) And I decided to leave and go back to the larger more populated park that I am used to, rather than hang around with windows-washing guy.

After my run I bought some superglue and glued the piece back on. It will have to do until we have some extra disposable income to put toward a new Garmin.


As you can see, I also use a hairband to entrap the extra length of my wristband because the little thing that does that job also broke off. I have only had this Garmin since Feb. 2011, but I guess you can see I don’t treat it gently.

Thursday; Ran 4.25 miles/9:12 pace


Got in the 4-miler that I had intended for Wednesday. I wasn’t going to run this day, but I was reading some old entries at The Angry Runner, and one post she had was basically saying, “Either you ran today. Or you didn’t.” And I said, “I’m going to run today.”


Wore one of my baggier race shirts from Ole Man River 5K 2010. It did end up raining later that evening, as you can foretell from those ominous clouds. I’m glad I got the run in beforehand. I look 12 years old in this picture.

Saturday: Ran 10 miles/9:50 pace

I found myself feeling really excited for this run Friday night. I hadn’t run double digits since RnR NOLA on March 4, so it felt long overdue. I also have been missing LSU/City Park Lakes– this was the site for almost all of my long runs during marathon training, and I got a little tired of it during that time. But I have barely run there over the past two months because it’s too hard to get out there on weekdays and for the past month my weekends have revolved around racing. So I was just craving an honest-to-goodness long run in a place that I miss and associate with really good memories from training.

I put together my playlist Friday night and as you can see it is random:

10 Mile Playlist

I don’t mind having a few slow songs on my playlist for a long run!

On Saturday morning I headed out around 7:45, hoping to escape the heat of the day. I tried to take a Jet Blackberry Gu but it made me gag. I only got down half of it. I think I’m about done with Gu – it’s just too thick. I much prefer the PowerBar Energy Gel which is thinner.

I took the run at a slow and steady pace, stopping for water along the way whenever I came across a water fountain, and stopping at my car for Powerade a few times too. It felt so nice to get double digits done again. And it was a beautiful day.


Lakes of LSU/City Park


Running with my new hat. Still need to break down the bill a little. It makes my head look small.


I kept telling myself whenever I got tired that I could take it slower, but I only have one mile slower than 10 minutes. It was a great run.

Saturday night, we went to the wedding of one of my husband’s childhood friends. It was a good time.


And today, Nike debuted some of their new NFL products, which I posted about the other day. These Saints-themed Nike Tempos will be MINE very soon:


This coming week I will be doing a lot of traveling on our trip to Illinois, so I’m planning on getting some short runs in Monday and Tuesday after work, then hopefully when we’re in Illinois on Friday and Saturday, I can get some running in those mornings in a new place.

2 thoughts on “A good running week

  1. betybliss April 2, 2012 / 1:04 pm

    Good job on a great running week.

    Good thing you listened to your vibes. Sometimes it might seem like we are being paranoid but you never know.

    • deepsouthrunner April 2, 2012 / 4:12 pm

      Yep, then yesterday at the grocery store when I was loading my groceries in the car, a man in a van pulled up asking for money so he could get gas. I apologized that I didn’t have any cash on me, and he asked if I would go to an ATM. I said sorry but I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. I felt guilty for about an hour afterward but you just can’t be too trusting these days, which is sad! Especially when out running alone you have to be extra careful!

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