Fat Boy 5K Race Recap

Hunter and I got to experience the very popular Fat Boy 5K in Baton Rouge on Saturday – it was a hot one!

This race caps out at 1,000 people and sells out at least a month in advance. Since we missed out last year, I was sure to get our registrations in very hastily this time!

We got to the race site with plenty of time to spare because I thought the race started at 8 AM, but it in fact started at 8:30 AM. Since my husband is a “leave at the last minute” kind of guy (we didn’t leave the apartment until 7:35), I had a fleeting thought that I should just tell him the wrong time (30 minutes earlier) for EVERY important event we have to get to, and then we’ll always get there super early like I like to do! But then I decided it’s probably better to not lie to my husband Winking smile


Sadly, the race shirt is kind of hideous and I will never wear it. But it will definitely get a spot on the quilt I want to ONE DAY make of all my non-wearable race shirts. One day.

Our little swag bags that we got at packet pickup were pretty cool, courtesy of Brooks.


That’s a pen, mini ruler (yes, a ruler), some Louisiana seasoning mix, a mini Clif Builder’s bar, and some race flyers. Not sure what to use this Brooks bag for – a lunch kit?


I made husband take a picture of me after he struggled to put on his race bib. You can’t do it sitting down, it never turns out right!


Well, the race itself for me was blah. We started out pretty far back in the pack, and as we finally got to the starting line after they blew the horn, we realized there was no timing mat at the beginning. The race was chip timed, but honestly, if there’s no starting mat, what’s the point? We got to the start about 30-40 seconds after the horn went off, and that makes a huge difference in time!

This bummed me out right away, on top of the heavy congestion that comes along with most race starts. I kind of gave up on any chance to PR after that. Great attitude, I know!

As we passed the first mile, my Garmin said “8:43” and a woman spectator told us as we passed by that our first mile was “9:23” so I was definitely over PRing at that point.

There were two steep hills we had to climb and since the race was a loop, we did them again on the way back. I crossed the finish line with a 27:34 gun time, and I was very unhappy. My Garmin time had me at 27:03.


As I went out the chute, a woman handed me a mug, which I assumed everyone got since surely I wasn’t fast enough to get anything.


But then I saw my husband didn’t have one (he finished about 45 seconds ahead of me) and I realized that I had finished in the top 150 women. He just missed out on being in the top 150 men.

Results were posted today and I was in fact the 65th woman out of 389. So there’s that!

After the race

I actually had a haircut appointment at 10 AM, and I thought I’d have plenty of time since I thought the race started at 8. We had very little time to hang around after finishing, so we each grabbed a donut and some chocolate milk, then headed home so I could take a shower and go get my hair cut.

After that, we went out to eat for pizza and then headed to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival. My in-laws met us there and we listened to some music, ate great food at Drago’s, and had a nice night.





2 thoughts on “Fat Boy 5K Race Recap

  1. betybliss April 17, 2012 / 4:58 pm

    Great job on your run!! The mug makes up for the shirt 😉

    • deepsouthrunner April 18, 2012 / 9:08 am

      Yes, it was a nice surprise! I’m always so disappointed when the race shirt doesn’t appeal to me 😦

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