Old Navy deals and a May Challenge

I went by Old Navy the other day to look for a light cardigan to wear with my dress to the wedding we’re going to this weekend. Of course, I came out of the store with much more than that!

There were several deals going on, and I found a short-sleeved running top on sale for $10 (originally $20) as well as a duffle bag on sale for $9.90!

Old Navy

Old Navy

I really need more short-sleeved tops now that summer is here, and this one seems perfect! I also got a long-sleeved 1/4 zip running top that I will probably wear on top my sleeveless tops to the gym, and then I will run in it in the winter. It was on clearance and I got it for less than $5!

I have joined a Daily Mile challenge to run 75 miles in May – I only hit 40 for April thanks to the 10 days I went without running once, so this will definitely be me stepping it up!

Run 75 In May

This means I will have to run a few times while on vacation, but it seems like I can make it happen! I’m also going to try and fit in 10 this Saturday while we are out of town for the wedding.

This past weekend, I did 10.15 on Sunday morning. I felt really strong, and my pace was about 18 seconds faster than last week’s 11-miler, in much warmer weather. I was very sweaty after!

Took off my hat, my hair was drenched


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