Off Topic: Music

Since my discovery of iTunes years ago, it has been a rare occurrence for me to buy an entire album. I love the opportunity to pick and choose which songs I want to buy without having to take the whole thing, because I never like every single song on a CD. But for some reason, I’ve bought three albums in the past month – I guess I started listening to samples of songs and decided I liked them enough to buy the whole thing. Also, iTunes has had sales on these albums or I had a gift card to use.

1) William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and the Crow

This album was written after he went through his divorce, and it’s so depressing, but I love it.He is very folksy and most of the songs are short – the album only lasts about 45 minutes. But it’s very calming despite its sad lyrical content.

2) Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again

This is her latest, and my interest in it sparked when I got a free download of the song “Ghost” from Anthropologie (random). I love her voice and her version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” which is not on this album, but was one of the motivators in me checking out more of her songs. Also I had a $10 gift card to iTunes when I decided to make this purchase, so that helped!

3) Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

I bought the song “Video Games” first and really liked that, then I saw this was on sale for $7 one day on iTunes, so I bought the bullet and got the whole thing. I really like this album, even though every time I listen to her songs I tell my husband, “This chick is weird.” Some of her songs are really weird but oh so catchy.

Now I’m contemplating buying Carrie Underwood’s new album, Blown Away, just because of how much I like the song “Thank God for Hometowns.” I rarely get sentimental about my hometown, but this does it for me every time.


One thought on “Off Topic: Music

  1. betybliss May 23, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    I don’t buy cds that often anymore either. The only ones I buy are Britney Spears or Kelly Clarkson.

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