Summer rain

It feels like we’ve gotten rain every single day for the past two weeks. That and a slight aggravation of my IT band has made my running days limited. I did 7 miles on Saturday without any pain, so hopefully I am over that!

June Miles So Far:  29.15 out of 50

We hadn’t been to New Orleans in a long while, so I asked Hunter to take me to dinner there this past Saturday. We wanted to get hamburgers from Port of Call, but as expected the wait was ridiculous. So instead, we drove down Esplanade looking for something quicker and came upon Santa Fe, a cute little Mexican restaurant. It was surprisingly cool and mild outside, so we sat on the patio and it was a lovely atmosphere.

Hunter surveying the menu

We walked around the back of the restaurant to return to our car, and discovered that they grow their own limes and chili peppers! This was the neatest thing!

Limes and peppers

We were parked on a street called “Mystery” – I love the street names on the ground in New Orleans.


This Friday is my 27th birthday and the only thing I am excited about is that we’re going to eat STEAK! At our favorite steak place in Baton Rouge. I am counting down the hours until we get to go. So good!

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