Crazy Friday

Today has been one of those days (and it’s still morning time).

1) My gym charged me almost $20 extra this month for some reason so I have to deal with that to find out why and they’re “checking on it” and I’m just aggravated.

2) I was in a left-turning lane and started going when the lane next to me (Going straight) had a green light… except I still had a red light. Thankfully I was able to back up into my lane out of the intersection when I realized. I felt very stupid.

3) I asked a coworker for some ibuprofen, when she handed me the open pill bottle I juggled and dropped it and dozens of white pills flew all over the floor. Like the whole bottle. I was so embarrassed.

But no amount of little issues like this are really worth being very upset about – not when you wake up and turn on the news and see what happened at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Things like this are so terrible and really help put your big “problems” into perspective.

In other news, we registered for the New Orleans Saints Back to Football 5K taking place Sept. 8. This was pricey for a 5K but you get a Saints technical T-shirt, sweatband, and it’s really cool ending on the 50-yard-line in the Superdome.

I am excited about it! No races planned before that one, but you never know.

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