Marathon Training?!?

OK, I’m totally tripping because I just looked at the potential marathons I could do this winter, and one of them is December 1. If I am to do that one and employ a 16-week training plan, I would have to start AUGUST 12. That is SO SOON!!

I actually am toying with the idea of running two marathons this winter – the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon on December 1, and the Louisiana Marathon on January 20. If I do this, I would continue my training after Marathon #1 using this Multiple Marathon plan:

Source unknown… I think from Hal Higdon??? Sorry.

There are seven weeks between the two marathons, so I would adjust for that – in fact, I’d probably just take a week off after the marathon before getting into this six-week plan. But I think I could do it – I really loved the BR Beach race when I did the half last year, and I also loved my first marathon, the Louisiana Marathon. I think both of these races would be excellent to do again.

Of course, I have to be careful again to do everything I can to avoid injury, fuel correctly, etc. I would run Marathon #1 with the goal of PRing and doing my absolute best. I would adjust my expectations for Marathon #2 based on how I did in the first race, how I’m feeling, etc. I would love to beat my first marathon time of 4:40:16 in BOTH marathons, but if not both, definitely one of the two.

Aaah… I cannot believe that I will likely begin marathon training in just three weeks… I have to draw up a plan, and the August long runs are going to be really hard. I’m going to have to get up extra early to get those in before it gets unbearably hot. I’m excited though… marathon training last year burned me out but I missed it too… and I am ready to start again.

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