BR Beach Marathon: Week 1


  • BR Beach – December 1
  • Louisiana Marathon – January 20

Man, I have sort of missed these training recaps. I think instead of making those amateurish little charts in MS Paint this time (such work to make a straight line!), I’m just going to list it out.

Monday: 20 minutes Cybex Arc Trainer and weights

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles – 39:53

Very hot and humid, and I felt like I got a little overheated. Hate this weather SO MUCH.

aug 14 1

aug 14 2

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles – 51:18

So my husband is trying to get back into running after months of not doing it, and it’s been hard on him in the heat and such. He ran the first three miles with me and we averaged a 10:30ish pace. I ran the last two miles and averaged about a 9:50 pace, so not much better, but it brought my pace up. My pace has been much better during the summer so I think either I’m just mentally not handling it as well or the humidity is worse or something.



Thursday: Rest – Was supposed to XT, but it was our 4th wedding anniversary so I skipped it in favor of a sushi, froyo, and board game night with the husband.


Friday: Rest – Worked until 8PMish and then got on the road to Bossier for a weekend at the in-laws’.

Saturday: Ran 9 Miles – 1:30ish

We got in to the in-laws’ around 1 a.m. Friday night so I wasn’t too sure how this Saturday morning run was going to go. Surprisingly I got up the first time my alarm went off and made it out to the levee path.


My stupid Garmin would not locate its satellites for anything in the world, so finally I started running while it continued to “locate.”


The path is 4.3 miles one way so I knew that when I got back to my car I would have done 8.6 miles and would need to do 0.4 more.

It was very humid and hot, but it was overcast, so it wasn’t too horrible. There was even a nice breeze coming off the river at times. I had a horrible side stitch for miles 6-8 that came out of nowhere, but I pushed through. When I got back to the start I was at 8.45, so I knew I just needed 0.4 more to get to 9 (meaning my Garmin finally located a satellite about 0.15 into the run).

Finished at about a 10:03 pace, which is a better pace than my previous 5 and 4-milers were. Those runs were not awesome



Sunday: Rest

Yeah, so I took three rest days this week which is sort of a fail. I could make the excuse that we are out of town but blah blah blah, that’s not a good excuse. Anyway, I was supposed to run 3 miles this day but didn’t get around to it.

So that’s the end of Week 1! I will soon be getting new running shoes since my Mizuno Wave Riders are on about mile 350. I am eyeing Brooks Ravenna 3, since Brooks Ravenna 2s did me so well last marathon training cycle.


2 thoughts on “BR Beach Marathon: Week 1

  1. betybliss August 24, 2012 / 1:04 pm

    I know what you mean about running in the heat. I am dreading Winter but running in this weather makes me a little annoyed sometimes. Good job with keeping up with your plan even though its so humid and hot. 🙂

    I had the Ravenna 2’s and LOVED them too. I have the Adrenalines now and love them too.

    • deepsouthrunner August 26, 2012 / 8:46 am

      I am looking forward to winter! Haha! That’s because we don’t get much of a winter here. It will be chilly one day and mild the next. It’s much easier to run in than the summer weather. But I know around the country winter is a much different story!

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