BR Beach Marathon: Week 2

Monday – Rest – Would have worked out if I had known what the next two days would bring…

Tuesday – Sick

Wednesday – Sick – My husband and I both managed to catch some kind of stomach bug. He had it worse than me, but I didn’t feel up to doing anything super active with an upset stomach. Fail.

Thursday – Ran 3 miles, 27:46



I got back at it with a half-decent 3-miler on Thursday. I am proud of my armpit sweat.


My running essentials – hat, ipod, Garmin, and id bracelet.

Friday: Cross-Training In My Living Room

  • 60 sit-ups
  • 45 hip raises (using Swiss ball)
  • 45 hip raises w/ leg curls (using Swiss ball)
  • 45 bicep curls (with 10-pound dumbbells)
  • 20 girl pushups (my upper body strength is pitiful)


The only workout stuff I own! Which is why I belong to a gym. But I really want my own kickboxing stand for home use! One day, when we have enough room!

Saturday: Ran 11 miles, 1:53:48

100 Jumping Jacks



My Garmin strap broke AGAIN right as I was getting ready to start running, so I had to hold it in my hand for the entire 11 miles. I went into this run unsure if I would actually make it the whole distance…but somehow, some way, I did! It helped that the temperature was a little milder than it has been lately, and there was a nice breeze off the lakes sometimes. Glad to get this long run in after missing runs earlier in the week.

lsu lakes 8.25

Sunday: Rest – I woke up with a number of ailments Sunday, including a horrible headache and back pain. Not sure what that was all about…

VERDICT – This week did NOT go as planned at all. I missed two out of four runs due to illness and only got in one XT day. We were out of town for part of the week which also contributed to the lackluster week. With two weeks down, I really need to get on the ball and make more of a point to get in ALL my runs.

That may be a problem this week with Tropical Storm (probable future Hurricane) Isaac making his way to Louisiana. We won’t be hit as hard since we are further inland, but we will get some nasty weather as this week goes on.


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