Isaac Approaching


We are getting ready for Hurricane Isaac to hit Louisiana. Here in Baton Rouge, we’re expecting it to be downgraded to a Tropical Storm by the time it reaches us. I am most concerned about flooding, as the streets around our apartment seem to flood when it just rains for 10 minutes!

I am off work for 48 hours due to the weather. I got in a good run yesterday (instead of keeping it a XT day), because I will be limited to whatever I can do indoors for the next few days.

Last night we went out to eat at a pizza place, Reginelli’s, and it felt like a “Last Supper.” Everything will be closed for the next couple of days around town, so there were a lot of people out, it seemed. The pizza was pretty good.


I mentioned in my Week 2 Recap that my Garmin strap broke again. I have super-glued it for the 10th time, but I finally ordered a replacement, which will probably get here by the end of the week unless the storm does major damage.

ImageI think my Christmas wish will be a brand new Garmin Forerunner!


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