BR Beach Marathon: Week 3

Monday: Ran 5.35 miles, 52:30

This was supposed to be 6 miles but I had to cut it short with an upset stomach. There are just some things I can’t endure for too long while running, and stomach problems is one of them.



Tuesday-Friday: Hurricane Isaac and its remnants

So Monday was originally scheduled to be an XT day with Tuesday being my first 6-miler of the week, but this was on its way:


We’d been under a Tropical Storm Warning since Sunday. With the storm set to hit land as a Category 1, we in Baton Rouge were going to get the storm in a slightly weaker state but still heavy rainfall and wind. Since I knew running outside was going to be out for the next few days, I switched the first run to Monday.

The weather started getting bad on Tuesday and continued onward through Friday. We lost power Wednesday around noon, but we stayed in town because overall our area wasn’t hit too bad and I had to go back to work on Friday. We still didn’t have power when I got off work Friday at 5, so we hit the road to head north to my in-laws’ house, who didn’t get much bad weather by the time the storm got to them.

Saturday: Ran 6 miles, 1:00:34

I started this run a little later in the morning, after 8 a.m., and I originally planned to run 12 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. But I was really struggling this morning, and eventually I decided to try and run 12 on Sunday instead.



Sunday: Ran 12 miles, 2:00:19

This was a really difficult run as well. The humidity has been so bad lately, and as proof I have this picture, taken at a restaurant we went to for lunch Sunday afternoon:


So this run was hot and humid and I had to take four water/Gatorade breaks. But I finished! I also fueled with a PowerBar Energy Gel to start and two Clif Shot Blocks at mile 8.I was completely drenched in sweat by the end – it was like I had jumped in a pool with all my clothes on.



So this was another abnormal week, with Hurricane Isaac making his presence known. I wish I had maybe done some cross training during the week, but when you don’t have electricity, it’s hard to get up the motivation to exercise in your non-cooled apartment.

Goal for next week is to get in ALL my runs – I have missed at least one run each of these past three weeks.

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