Short and Long-Term Wish List (exercise edition)

Short-Term Wish List

I hope to get these things within the next couple of months!

1) Brooks Ravenna 3s

I had this on my list when I started it yesterday, and I ended up going out and buying some today! My Mizunos that I got for free after winning a Twitter giveaway last fall have about 415 miles on them, so it was time to move forward. As much as I loved the Mizuno Wave Riders, I decided to go back to the Brook Ravennas because they provide support for over-pronation.


Aren’t they pretty? They are very similar to my last pair of Ravennas, which I am still holding onto. (I may never ever get rid of them. My first marathon shoes!!)


Brees could not wait to see what I had brought home from Varsity Sports.


In addition to the shoes, I got a free shirt (Which comes with shoe purchase), some Balega socks, Nuun, a gel, Gu Chomps, and a 26.2 sticker.


The back of all Varsity shirts say Run Hard Live Easy.


So that is one item on my list crossed off!

2) Garmin Forerunner 10


My current Garmin’s many issues make me yearn for a new one, and I find this very simple version appealing because really all I care about are the basics. My time, my distance, my pace, and calories burned. I just need to press start and go. This simple and cheaper version (which is also is less bulky and comes in this great green color) is just what I need.

3) Zensah Compression Socks

compression socks

I do have one pair of compression socks already and they really do work. My legs ached after my 12-miler the other day, and there was a noticeable difference after I put on my compression socks. It just helps ease the soreness and makes recovery faster for me. I would like another pair and Zensah always gets good reviews from what I’ve seen.

Long-Term Wish List

We have no extra space in our tiny apartment and no extra cash while my husband looks for a job post-law school, but when the day comes that we have both of those things (or I at least have been able to save up some extra money, even if it means sacrificing other non-necessary expenses), I want to have the below things to work out at home on.

1) My own Spinning bike

spin bike

I love spinning as a cross-training activity, and it would be great to have one at home that I could get on whenever is most convenient. It comes with some DVDs to use for training and/or I would just ride for endurance while I watch TV.

2) Boxing stand, bag, gloves


I would love to take this up as another cross-training activity! You can get this whole bundle from for about $150. We just need the extra space.

3) One day, a treadmill


This will definitely be a must-have when the time comes one day for us to have kids. If I can’t leave the house, I want to have one of these to run on at home!

One thought on “Short and Long-Term Wish List (exercise edition)

  1. betybliss September 6, 2012 / 2:02 pm

    I have the Zensah compression socks and really like them. Pro Compression are pretty great too and have deals pretty often.
    I would love to have a treadmill at home too 🙂

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