BR Beach Marathon: Week 4

Tuesday: Ab work and bicep curls

  • I literally did half of an Ab Ripper X workout (from the P90X dvds) because the DVD froze and refused to fix itself. And I was STILL sore for two days after.
  • Also did 45 bicep curls with 10-pound dumbbells.

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles, 59:42



I tried out the Strawberry Lemonade Nuun I bought for this run, and I don’t know if it’s for me. I drank some twice during this run, and my stomach felt heavy after each break. It was really hot outside and my stomach was probably not going to feel great regardless, so I will try it again later to confirm.

Thursday: Ran 3 miles, 28:53



The heat index at 4 p.m. this day was 108. By the time my husband and I set out for this run, it was “only” 104. Stupid summer! I hate this heat! I didn’t even want to run at all, but my husband needed to do something before our 5K on Saturday, so I agreed to do 3 with him. He had a tough time – he hasn’t run very much at all over the past few months, and the heat was especially bad which made it worse. I hope to get him out on the road with me more regularly as fall begins.

Saturday: Saints 5K (29:46) + 6 miles (1:00:43)

My long run was broken up into two segments so I could do the Saints “Back to Football” 5K in New Orleans. My husband and I ran this for fun and fun it was! Afterward we had breakfast and drove back to BR (about 80 minutes), I charged my Garmin (Which was DOA at the 5K) and then headed out to do 6 more. Doing 6 in the early afternoon heat was tough!



Pictures above are before and after the 5K, respectively.


Changed out of the black shirt for my 6-miler. Too hot! And I was drenched in sweat after this run.


Sunday: Ran 3 miles, 28:43 and 20 minutes yoga

My alarm went off at 7 a.m. and I remained in bed looking at Twitter on my phone as I debated whether or not to get out of bed and go running. Multiple people raving on Twitter about how great the weather was thanks to a cool front convinced me to get up. I had to get in a short run before we headed to New Orleans for the Saints’ season opener. I went to the LSU Lakes for the first time in two weeks and ran cooler (but still warm) 3 miles.


9.10 2

We left BR around 10 for the noon Saints game, and didn’t get back until around 6 p.m. They lost Sad smile 


I felt very tense and sore from recent running, so I did yoga after we got home. 20 minutes of Rodney Yee’s Power Foundations. It helped a bit, but I think I need to do a yoga workout that gets into even more deep stretching. Then I iced my right lower leg which is achy for some reason.

So a good Week Four, which included a XT day, one yoga workout, and FOUR DAYS of running. Finally. Hoping for similar success in Week Five.

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