BR Beach Marathon: Week 5

Monday: XT – Spin class, 45 minutes, and weights

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles


9.11.12 2

My husband ran with me and took this picture when we got home. He said, “You’re looking at the camera like you’re mad at me.” Ha!

Wednesday: XT – Cybex ArcTrainer, 30 minutes; Stationary Bike, 15 minutes; Weights

Thursday: Ran 7 miles


9.13.12 2

I have to be honest, I’ve been fighting a huge mental battle the past few weeks when it comes to my runs. Running 7 miles after a workday is just something that I dread and don’t want to do and normally will find a reason to shorten it because I just don’t want to do it. But it’s mental. And I overcame that mental block to get this done.

Saturday: Ran 14 miles

This was a seemingly nicer-than-normal day as far as temperature, but the humidity still got me. I had to change my shorts after 8.5 miles because they were literally just soaking wet with sweat and were bunching up around my thighs. I know that is such a pleasant thought. The pair I changed into were pretty much done after the remaining 5.5 miles too.




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