BR Beach Marathon: Week 6

This week was just one big epic fail. First of all, this is the state of my Garmin these days:


Dead as a doornail. It reported itself “Battery Charging Complete” on the charger,  but refused to turn on when off the cradle. For my long run on Saturday, I reset the Garmin while it was on the cradle, and it worked and turned on for my run. The battery was supposedly full, but then  2 hours and 13 minutes into my run (and about 2.3 miles shy of my finish), it died. Now it won’t turn on no matter what I do, unless it is on the charger.

So my conclusion is that the battery, after 19 months of use, is dead. I’ve researched what I need to do to fix it and it looks like the only realistic option is to send it to Garmin and they will replace the battery for like $85. This seems ridiculous to me. Considering how expensive these devices are, I think it’s reasonable to expect them to last for at LEAST two years! And longer than that! It’s just really ridiculous. So glad I wasted $13 on a new wristband recently.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to buy another Garmin or not. I want to research other running watches and see how they compare as far as battery life and price. We’ll see. Obviously I need to get one eventually, but until then, I can do my runs on measured paths to give me a mileage estimate.

Week Six:

Thursday, Ran 5.5 miles


I have been having a motivation problem recently, so yes, I didn’t do anything until Thursday. I really have no excuses, I wasn’t sick, just didn’t want to do ANYTHING. Finally got out to run on Thursday and my Garmin wouldn’t turn on. I know this particular path I do is 1.35 miles around, so I ran it four times, and assumed the two times I ran to and from my car (water break in the middle) rounded up to 5.5.

Saturday: Ran 14.5 Miles

This was the run where my Garmin somehow decided to work for the majority and then died almost 13 miles in. This run was very tough – I did 8.5 miles with two brief water fountain stops and was kind of dying after that. It’s still so humid and warm here.

So I then did a loop that can either be 2.85 or 3.15 miles, depending on how many times I go around this one semi-circle. I did the loop the first time, and when I took a Gatorade break at my car, I was at 11.7 miles. I figured I would do the 3.15 version of the lap again and then just run a bit to get to 15 depending on what my Garmin said.

My Garmin beeped low battery around 12 miles, and then died completely at 12.7. I got really aggravated, especially because I wouldn’t be able to know exactly how much I needed to do at the end of the loop to get to 15.

Tired legs, hot, drenched in sweat, thirsty… I decided to do the 2.8-mile version of the loop so I’d know for certain that I did approximately 14.5 miles, and I called it a day after that.

This is the picture I took when I got to my car, aggravated that my Garmin died and that I didn’t get to 15.


So that’s all I did. 20 miles total. Pathetic! I have real trouble finding the motivation to run midweek, and I’ve been so sore and achy after my long Saturday runs that I’m finding it hard to go on Sunday.

I think I need to get back to taking Vitamins and dig deeper to find some more willpower.

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